Wine. Olive Oil. Chocolate. Honey.

Sensory Evaluation Expert

Sensory Evaluation Expert

Sensory Evaluation Expert Sensory Evaluation Expert

Meet Orietta


Orietta Gianjorio

My name is Orietta Gianjorio and I am from Rome, Italy. I moved to California in 2008, after marrying the love of my life! California is the perfect home for me: award wining wines, high quality olive oils and fresh ingredients. 

Once I arrived here, however, I discovered that food is something people consume while they are doing something else. I saw people eating in front of their computer, on the phone, on their way somewhere, in the car and while driving! The more I am in the USA, the more I see that fast food, food on the go, drive through, take outs, convenience, massive portions and low quality ingredients are a routine. Eating without looking, smelling and tasting is the norm. I had to do something.


Sensory Evauation Expert

Looking, smelling and tasting is my life. I am a Professional Taster! I started my career in sensory evaluation 18 years ago at the Italian Sommelier Association. I also became a Certified Olive Oil Taster, and I am part of the Italian Registry of Olive Oil Sensory Evaluation Experts. When I moved to California, I was so fortunate to start my collaboration with the University of California in Davis for a study that uncovered olive oil fraud and allowed for a new law and labeling system. When I learned that honey is the third adulterated food in America (after olive oil), I decided to get back to the books and become one of only two Honey Sensory Evaluation Experts in America. To make things more interesting I am also pursuing a fifth levels Chocolate Tater. I am at level two, for now.


Wine. Olive Oil. Chocolate. Honey.

I have certifications in all four commodities, and I actively consult with universities, academic organizations, research projects and product development for these commodities and more. I also lead sensory evaluation classes, tastings and speaking engagements around the Country and internationally. I educate consumers on quality standards. I show how to taste looking for quality. I demonstrate how easy it is to detect low quality ingredients that have no health benefits simply by looking, smelling and tasting. My hope is to inspire people to look at food like a taster does: with love, curiosity, appreciation and fun. I believe that by taking the time to question labels with curiosity, admire shapes and colors, learn how to appreciate aromas, anticipate and desire the magic of every single bite, we could be naturally healthier.