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Sensory Evaluation Expert

Sensory Evaluation Expert

Sensory Evaluation Expert Sensory Evaluation Expert



I am very fortunate to collaborate with some of the best academic organizations in the Country on research projects for quality standards and labeling system. I consult with the University of California (Davis), The Olive Center (U.C. Davis), The Honey and Pollination Center (U.C. Davis), the Mars-UC Davis Chocolate Taste Panel and the California Olive Oil Council.


I am a member of the California Olive Oil Council Taste Panel (where we certify extra virginity of olive oil), and their education team, traveling the Country to educate consumers. I have also helped shape some interesting education program with the Honey and Pollination Center (U.C. Davis), the California State Fair, the Italian Trade Commission, the Istituto di Cultura Italiana (San Francisco, Los Angeles). I have judged in many competitions for wine, olive oil, honey and chocolate in America and internationally.


I am honored to have helped some fantastic producers create high quality and award winning products, and some inspiring Chefs developed their recipes with olive oil, honey and chocolate and to pair them with the finest wines. I am also fortunate to have trained motivated professionals in sensory evaluation and have created successful tasting experiences. Among many collaborations, I would like to mention the Napa Valley Reserve, Promontory, Bond, Antinori Antica, Darioush Winery, Boundary Bend, Whole Foods Markets, Mars Chocolate, Le Belge Chocolier,  The Culinary Institute of America and COPIA, Gio' Gelati, Chef Deborah Dal Fovo. In Italy: Chef Alain Rosica, Castel de Paolis Winery (Lazio), Vasadonna Olive Oil and Vernera Olive Oil (Sicily), Papagna Honey (Puglia), Apicoltura Finocchio (Abbruzzo). 



Engagement Options

Chefs, wine, olive oil, honey and chocolate producers can hire me to consult and/or blend their products, developed recipes and wine pairings as well as train their staff. Consumers can hire me to share my knowledge and passion in any venue. My Sensory Evaluation Experiences can be on a different variety of subjects. Mostly I lead classes on: Wine, Wine Pairing, Olive Oil, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Honey, Chocolate, Cheese. All classes have reference to quality standards, labeling system and health benefits. My speaking engagements are based on quality standards, labeling system and health benefits of high quality ingredients and the joy of the conviviality around the table. I also enjoy reading my books for a adults and children. Just go to the "Contact Us" page and send me an email. We will shape your event in the best way possible! 


Commitment to Consumers

I am honored to work for such acclaimed academic organizations, inspiring producers and Chefs, but what I am most passionate about is consumer education. I lead sensory evaluation classes, tastings and speaking engagements around the Country and internationally for adults and children. I educate consumers (of every age) on quality standards and labeling system. Most of all, I show consumers how easy it is to taste looking for quality. My goal is to inspire people to look at food like a taster does: with love, curiosity, appreciation and fun.


Commitment to Quality

Learning how to taste will allow consumers to detect low quality ingredients that have no health benefits. Every Sensory Evaluation Experience starts with an entertaining and educational session that includes practical information about production and labeling. The second section, includes a guided and interactive tasting, empowering consumers to assess quality standards while looking, smelling and tasting. Because I believe that we need to start our healthy relationship with food at a young age, I wrote a couple of children’s books, and I like to lead book readings and tasting open to children.