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Orietta Gianjorio

Sensory Evaluation and Descriptive Analysis Expert

My name is Orietta Gianjorio and I am from Rome, Italy. I moved to California in 2008, after marring the love of my life! California is the perfect home for me: award wining wines, high quality olive oils and fresh ingredients.
Once I arrived here, however, I discovered that food is something people consume while they are doing something else. Food and wine and the conviviality of the table don’t get all the attention they deserve. I saw people eating in front of their computer, on the phone, on their way somewhere, in the car and while driving! You can imagine how surprised I was. Americans do not feel that eating deserves their full attentions? The more I am in the USA, the more I see that fast food, food on the go, drive through, take outs, convenience, massive portions and low quality ingredients are the normality. I had to do something.
I am passionate about the pleasures and conviviality of the table. I hope to inspire people to look at food like a taster does: with love, curiosity, appreciation and fun. I believe that by learning how to shop for the best ingredients, cook together our own food with pride, take the time to admire shapes and colors, appreciate aromas, anticipate and desire the magic of every single bite, we could be naturally healthier. Single tasking is my motto! I wish consumers would dedicate to food all of their attention and would fall in love with food. A healthy love, a love that nourishes and gives energy.
During my speaking engagements, tastings and sensory evaluation classes, I educate consumers on quality standards. I show them how to taste looking for quality and how easy it is to detect low quality ingredients that have no health benefits. I motivate them to retrain their senses and focus on the pleasures of looking, smelling and tasting with joy. I hope to inspire them to take the time to slow down and enjoy food and wine as an overall leisure activity to be shared with friends and family.
I hope that Americans will forget the nonsense and retrain their senses. The “nonsense” is today’s beauty trends that promote counting calories or nutritional values, and the fast paced society that encourages consuming enormous portions of prepackaged food “on the go.” Retrain their senses by slowing down to look, smell and taste the wonderful colors, shapes, aromas, flavors and tastes. Eating should be a passion, a joy and a pleasure. It can naturally provide physical health and satisfaction.
After my academic studies (I graduated summa cum laude in Film Studies, I have a Masters summa cum laude in Editorial and Journalism and a few other diplomas in the acting and journalistic field), I decided that I was going to learn more about food, wine, sensory evaluation and descriptive analysis. And I did. Today, I hold a 3rd level Sommelier certificate from the Associazione Italiana Sommeliers with 12 years experience, a certificate of Olive Oil Taster (IOC/EU) with 6 years experience, and I am part of the Italian Registry of Olive Oil Tasters and Experts. I also have a 2nd level certificate as a Qualified Chocolate Taster from the
Istituto Internazionale Chocolier. Lastly, I am one of only two people in the USA to hold a Certificate as an Expert in Honey Sensory Analysis, and I am part of the Italian Registry of Experts in Honey Sensory Analysis.
Once I arrived in California, I started my collaboration with the University of California at Davis Olive Oil Taste Panel and the California Olive Oil Council. I have also become a member of the Mars-UC Davis Chocolate Taste Panel, the Delegate in the greater Sacramento area for the Italian Academy of Cuisine, and I collaborate with the UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center. Besides these stable contracts, I consult with different wineries, olive oil producers, chocolatiers and bee keepers. I am also very lucky to be called as a judge for wine, olive oil and honey competitions around the world.
I enjoy Television. TV was my background. In Italy, I used to host a TV show, before my husband took me away to California. I wrote, produced and hosted several TV shows in Italy and one in America. Today, I am a regular guest on many TV stations. I believe that television is a very effective way to reach a large audience. I want for my message of a fun and healthy relationship with high quality food through tasting to reach everybody!
I also enjoy taking everything that I learn by collaborating with extraordinary academic organizations and remarkable individuals and give it back to consumers. For this reason, I lead sensory seminars, tastings, cooking classes and food & wine tours in Italy.
I love to write. Writing is my hobby (in case I need one). I wrote and published three books in English and two in Italian. I am particularly proud of my two children’s books, soon to become three. One about olive oil and olive varietals (Coratina, published in English and Italian), and the other about our ability to taste (Come Visit the Teeny Tiny Town of Taste). Now, I am working on my first novel…when I have time.
This is me. I hope you will stay in touch and give food a chance to make your life wonderfully tasty! Look, smell and taste food with love, curiosity, appreciation and fun. Look for high quality ingredients that can have an impact on your health. Be in the moment! Learn how to single task! Learn how to taste like a taster does!

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